#17 Jeff Stryker Rare photo signed Jeff Stryker limited edition numbered. Muscles

#17 Jeff Stryker Rare photo signed Jeff Stryker limited edition numbered. Muscles

#17 Jeff Stryker Rare photo signed Jeff Stryker limited edition numbered. Muscles


Box is not included, the shot is Full Monty and wow, those days that thing saluted the world. It is Glossy and a 8/10. Can most likely get them there if you order by Friday Dec 17th. In this case message me a note saying you have picked them out and are ready for me to send invoice.

Look for the Jeff Stryker Docu-series to be released and the remaining photographs of these Limited Edition Photographs will be listed then at Higher rate as they will be the last of the Limited Editions on some photographs. It was years since I offered photographs and these are limited editions, so get them while they are available because I have seen them go FAST when I last offered them (3 years ago). ATTENTION: THESE AUCTIONS CAN BE DISCONTINUED WITHOUT NOTICE. ORDER WHILE IT IS UP (so to speak). SIGNED BY JEFF STRYKER TO YOU..

Some of these Limited Editions have only been offered one time in the past 10 years so we can stretch the initial release of usually 25 per photo... When we do, it's for a day or two here or there and then "Gone again for a decade"... THESE ARE CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU, SIGNED AND NUMBERED ON BACK AND FRONT. Limited Edition photograph, signed and numbered on back and autographed on the front as well by Jeff Stryker's own hand.

These iconic photographs are art and should be framed and hung for all to see. Some of the photographs maybe nude or "maybe they appear to be nude" hell maybe they are nude. I can assure you there are no colored boxes covering the authentic originals we offer. Yet they can be hung for all to see.

Some of the worlds greatest photographers have filmed Jeff and these are some of the results. The window of time these will be available is uncertain as we are near the end of the Limited Editions while we sell the docu-series. All photographs come direct from Jeff Stryker himself. These photographs offered here are on the best photo paper we can obtain and done by the best reproduction facility in the USA Jeff Stryker has always been associated with "the Best of", always the highest quality or the most expensive film shot with the masters of the adult industry standing right beside Jeff as he marched on.

Jeff is also one of the few people from the adult industry still healthy and alive today due to the offering of a safe alternative by watching a Jeff Stryker movie and living out fantasy safely in the privacy and comfort of their own home. So now, Let Jeff join you as a prize masterpiece in your home, to always remember who was there with you.. Thank you and enjoy life and beauty, my friends.

One of each photograph please, we have very few to offer and want to make several people very happy, Get them while you can... This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Autographs-Original\Movies\Photographs". The seller is "jstryker" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped worldwide.
#17 Jeff Stryker Rare photo signed Jeff Stryker limited edition numbered. Muscles

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